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long overdue update

sorry guys Ive been gone for a while. Anyway i have a update on my recent spankings. I turned 16 recently and on my sweet 16 i was untouchable. i got away with alot just because it was my sweet 16. Well by now you guys know how i am i decided to push it to the limit. My younger sister was being a bitch and decided to start hitting me.  turned round and gave her a few good spanks. Unfournatly for me i forgot i wasnt allowd to spank her without permission from mom. She went and told my mom and it didnt end so well. My mom grabbed m arm threw me over her knee lifted my dress and started a very long spanking. The entire time the guests were here for the party i refused to sit down because i didnt want any of them to know that i had recently gotten spanked. that plan didnt work out to well when my boyfriend came up behind me and gave me a birthday spanking 16 of them -_- i was yelping like a hurt puppy. everyone thougt it was funny -_-

update 3/21/2013

Im sorry i havent posted in a whie but anyway here is my update. Well two days ago i got spanked with a belt :( you can read about that one on my post under the group spanked by mom. Since then i havent really gotten in any trouble. Ive gotten a couple warning swats from my mom and when my mom gets home today im getting 50 swats with her hand over my jeans for pushing my sister off the trampoline today. Thats really noting compared to most of my spankings so im not too worried. well im trying to get on more but school comes before you guys sorry. anyway i should be posting tommorow

Daily update 2/01013

no "real" spankings today, i got a few swats for small back talk but not much. unfournatly tommorow i will probably be getting spanked in front of my class becaue i didnt do my homework for like the millionth time in a row, so ill probably be talking about that tommorow. goodnight my readers see you tommorow

Daily update 2/09/13

no spankings today, which i think is wonderful especialy after thursday. so not much to report, but this will be the blog where i post about my daily spankings or when i dont get spanked at all

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